Chastity Slaves Should Be Submissive

Chastity Slaves

Chastity Slaves Should Be Submissive

A very important personality trait in chastity slaves is that of submissiveness. While many people view being submissive as a negative thing, it doesn’t have to be especially when the person isn’t submissive all the time. Many men involved in chastity actually hold high powered and important jobs and they certainly must have a take charge attitude to be successful in those jobs. However, it’s usually that very necessity of being in charge that leads them to seek a way of having someone else making their decisions for them. Enter the Owner/Mistress/Master/Key Holder.

So while even though chastity slaves don’t have to be submissive in all areas of their lives, they must have a part of themselves that needs and wants to turn over the control of a very important part of their lives to another person. Having sex is definitely one of those areas and when you turn over all decisions related to that part of your life to someone else, you’re going to need to let go of the control you may have felt. That’s why it’s necessary to be submissive because a man that can’t give up this control won’t ever make a successful slave of any kind.


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