Becoming Chastity Slaves

Becoming Chastity Slaves

For all you chastity slaves out there that are afraid to let other people know about your lifestyle, I can completely understand that. I have been a chastity slave for a few years now and find it rather difficult to explain to anyone that doesn’t understand it what it is that makes me give up so much control. Granted, most people will assume that you are into S&M or something like that, but not all slaves are into things like that. Sure, it may sound like it to uneducated type people, but this goes beyond being tied up or beaten.

Chastity slaves know that you don’t have to be completely control in order for this lifestyle to be effective. They also know that you can pretty much be free to do whatever you want and still be someone’s slave. I have never been tied up and I have never been demeaned or humiliated in any way as a slave to my owner. Having said that, she still has total control over what happens with me in a sexual manner. That is something you are just going to have to find out on your own, though, and the only way you can do that is by finding the right owner.


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Male chastity slaves in pain. Ball crusher by gear for men

Male chastity slaves in pain. Ball crusher by

The Truth of Chastity Slaves

The Truth of Chastity Slaves

Most chastity slaves know exactly what they are getting themselves into, but there are a few that haven’t got a clue. These poor bastards will probably think that it’s something new for them to enjoy for a couple of hours during sex, yet they end up finding out the hard way that they will be a slave for a lot longer than a couple of hours. At least they will be if they ever plan on getting that chastity cage taken off in the near future. That may seem a bit harsh at first, but that is the truth of being a slave.

So if you have any aspirations of seeing what other chastity slaves are enjoying in their lives, then you might want to do some kind of research on it first. You may find that you can’t handle wearing a chastity device for months on end without being able to take it off. You might not enjoy the fact that you have to do everything your owner tells you to in order to please them on multiple levels, either. But with a bit of learning, you might be able to find that this is something you need in your life in order to truly be happy.


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Chastity slaves are forced to wear male chastity penis cages.

Chastity slaves are forced to wear male chastity cock cages.

Being Too Easy on Chastity Slaves

Being Too Easy on Chastity Slaves

All of the chastity slaves that I have owned over the years have been very pleasant men to deal with. I know that there are some out there that aren’t all that bright when it comes to being owned by someone, but the guys that I have dealt with seemed to know their role very well. In fact, I hardly had to train any of them very much in order for them to get the idea of what it takes to please me on a sexual level. Of course, that just means they don’t last all that long.

I want chastity slaves that are easy to train, but will also last a while. If they start learning all of my secrets too quickly, then I tend to get bored with them and have to turn them over to someone else. I haven’t had a slave last more than a couple of months with me, and that starts to depress me just a bit. I want to have fun with these slaves, but when they are constantly getting their devices off because of the pleasure they can give me, then it’s really not worth it. Maybe I should be a bit stricter in what I am doing and that’s something that I’ll have to ponder.


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